The Wellness Roundup - Our favourite self-care products

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The Wellness Roundup - Our favourite self-care products

We know that things feel overwhelming in the world lately, but it’s important to take time for yourself. We thought we would highlight some of our favourite products that promote wellbeing & bring a moment of peace into your day:

1. Tea

There’s just something about a freshly brewed cup of loose leaf tea that encourages us to pause and relax into the moment. One fine Day takes pampering to a whole new level with vanilla rose bath soak, soothing green tea and sweet treats to enjoy all on your own, hand packed into a beautiful gift box.

2. Candles

Lighting a candle is a simple act, but one which can quickly transform a space into a calming oasis, working simultaneously to alleviate stress. The Perfectionist gift box has been a team favourite lately. Decadent almond toffee, a cheeky Little Biddy Gin and fudge brownie for good measure paired with a soothing woodwick candle.

3. Chocolate

When it comes to eating chocolate - you don’t have to tell us twice! But did you know dark chocolate can boost your mood through endorphins? Fresh & Fruity features some of our favourite local brands and is guaranteed to leave your lucky recipient feeling calm and appreciated. 

4. Eye Pillows

Stem soothing eye pillows are filled with organic lavender, chamomile and flax seeds to calm your mind, help you sleep or simply just relax. Want to try one? Butter me up brings luxury to your day, pairing the pillow with with a moreish chocolate peanut butter bar and nourishing lip butter to match. 

Want to check out the whole range? Shop all wellness gifts here

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