Our end of year gifting brochure is here!

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Our end of year gifting brochure is here!
We are so excited to release our end of year brochure featuring a range of gift box ideas, local products and corporate gifting inspiration. 
Within this brochure, we showcase some new boutique Christmas gift boxes as well as our traditional hampers that give thanks and show gratitude as we look towards the New Year.
We also touch on the best advice for placing bulk corporate orders and how to make sure your end of year runs smoothly.
The brochure is a great opportunity to check out some popular outdoor games like finska and corn hole, lifestyle products like vintage coolers and a selection of cheese boards, knives, and candles that have been recently added to the range. 
Have you thought about how you will give back to staff this end of year? What about impressing corporate clients by solidifying your brand through branded items? Or, showing support to much-loved suppliers who have gone above and beyond? Or simply gifting to loved-ones as the end of the year comes to a close?
No matter what you want to say, we’re here to help you say it with the perfect gift designed to impress.
Check the brochure out here or view it below!
For the love of gifting,

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