Gifting during Covid-19; Pandemic-Friendly Gift Ideas

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Gifting during Covid-19; Pandemic-Friendly Gift Ideas

Whether they’re friends, loved ones or coworkers, we all know someone either isolating or who going above and beyond to take care of others in these unprecedented times. Luckily, saying thank you has never been easier with our thoughtfully made luxury gift boxes designed for any occasion. From wining and dining to spending time outdoors we have something to keep the boredom at bay no matter the recipient. 

Food is the essence of bringing people together, which is why our core traditional hamper range consists of platter spreads and snacks to share. With being stuck at home putting a spanner in the works for many, it has never been a better time to spoil friends or loved ones by having a selection of goodies arrive at their doorstep. 


"The key to gifting is choosing something that will stand out and be memorable, making your clients feel valued and align with the transaction or milestone that it represents."


Stuck at home during a big birthday? Don’t let key milestones go uncelebrated - our extensive range is ready to shop via our website, you can even customise a gift box with their favourite items by contacting us on our live chat. Shop all gifts including food here.

Cabin fever got you down? Change up the scenery by spending some quality time in your own backyard, get some vitamin D and have fun all at the same time. Our range of outdoor games also make great gifts for loved ones or staff when you want to give something that can be enjoyed time and time again, from sunny beach days to dinner parties. Shop outdoor games here.

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