Build your own Box Christmas Edition

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Build your own Box Christmas Edition

The doorbell rings. A box is sitting on your doorstep.

As you open it, you cast your eyes over the luxury black box and your eyes light up.

You pull out the message card and read a lovingly written note.

As you peel back the tissue paper, a spread of your favourite

goodies is revealed, each one carefully selected by the gifter.

Give your recipient their ‘wow moment’ this Christmas by building your own box.

It's your chance to reveal your gifting skills and show loved-ones, staff and clients just how well you know them and it's just got even easier with the new 'Christmas Gifts' filter helping you add a touch of festivities to every box.

We have a range of sweet treats like chocolates and biscuits and savoury items like chips and dip. If you really want to step it up a notch, add in a bottle of limited edition gin or a cheeseboard. 

We've carefully selected your favourite festive treats. All you need to do is head to build a box, and under 'filter by occasion' select 'Christmas Gifts' too easy!

We hope you enjoy curating your own build a box gift boxes, selecting from a range of bespoke packaging options and writing a heartfelt message card.


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