How to Master Staff Retention

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How to Master Staff Retention


When you think of gifting, it’s likely you immediately picture end of year gifts to celebrate Christmas, the Holidays and a New Year ahead, a way to reward top clients or show off your business to the outside world. But gifting isn’t just about the end of year or gifting externally. It’s a valuable tool that can actually boost office productivity all year long, for as little as $15.00.

Here at Providore, we are all about gifting with purpose. We have seen enormous growth in client retention from businesses that have considered their staff into their gifting budgets. From gifting to celebrate reaching a target, shouting the team morning tea or celebrating birthdays, the key to success is showing your team you know them.

Cater each gift to suit the lifestyle of your team members. If you’re not quite sure, or you have a larger team, we recommend sticking to snacks and items for the home e.g. cheese boards, coolers and other items they can enjoy in their spare time. Our website has key categories with appropriate gifts, like ‘birthday’ or ‘gifts for her’ which can be a great starting point. If you know them well, it can be beneficial to show them you know them. For example, gifting the guy who has a young family snacks to share with his kids shows that you have considered their individual circumstances rather than giving the same gift to everyone with little thought to it.

Wondering where to start? The first step is to identify your business structure, to see how gifting occasions would fit into your line of work, e.g. one large gift for Birthdays, a team shout gift to enjoy in-office or several small gifts per staff member spread across the year. From there, nominate an annual budget to allocate towards staff gifting. 

Sending multiple gifts? Download our bulk order form here. Alternatively, give us an email and we can help you create your own gift boxes with your companies branding or promotional products your team can use time and time again.

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